MOOI Metaverse
The term “Metaverse” is recently emerging, but even before its emergence, we were running our own metaverse services. We have released over ten avatar coordinating services for the past 14 years and are still operating a number of services that are highly placed in the market. We have outstanding records in avatar services, which include 40 million users worldwide, 590,000 unique items with 9 billion individual sales, and winning the Google Play Award. We believe that the recent concept called “Metaverse” is the same in essence as the services we have been providing to date. MOOI Network is a blockchain project to advance our current services to the next level.
Each service that exists on MOOI Network provides users with an exclusive universe and avatars that can be used to freely express the users’ characteristics, each of these services come together to create the metaverse. Users can communicate and interact with others using their avatars, as seen in real life, and form communities. They can also create NFTs with various contents within a virtual world and conduct economic activities such as trading the NFTs in a blockchain marketplace. Taking it one step further, MOOI Network aims to integrate independent universes into one large metaverse to enable users from different metaverses to communicate with one another.
To attain such an epic goal, we started conceptualizing “the metaverse we want to provide”, above all. The metaverse service we seek is what enables users to feel and have experiences as seen in the real world. To provide such a realistic metaverse service, we first set the prerequisites for the provision of such service as our primary goals of MOOI Network. They are as follows:
The first is to make a blockchain that can distribute rewards to users fairly based on their participation and contribution. Also, the blockchain must be able to connect these rewards to the real-world economy. The second is to maximize user convenience. It can be fulfilled by providing a wallet that can accommodate both FTs and NFTs, and an easy-to-use UI/UX to make it easy for even those without any experience in blockchain.