MOOI Network Background

MOOI Network was devised and developed by POST VOYAGER. Being a member (node operator) of the Governance Council of the Klaytn Network, one of the largest blockchain networks in Asia, Post Voyager has operated the main node of the blockchain. While having an active hand in the blockchain ecosystem as a member of the governance council, we have obtained a wide range of experiences and technologies across the blockchain industry. POST VOYAGER is a blockchain-specialized company that is also servicing its own, self-developed NFT marketplace called Cobalt.
The parent company of POST VOYAGER, Cocone, has achieved magnificent success in Japan with multiple mobile avatar services for the last 14 years. Cocone has developed know-how on avatar services and an in-depth understanding of users from many years of experience. POST VOYAGER has long contemplated a way to combine blockchain technology with the numerous digital content owned by Cocone and has concluded to create a metaverse on the blockchain. The contents of Cocone that have been loved by many users will be realized on the blockchain by MOOI Network. We will apply blockchain technology to the services in order and provide them on MOOI Network, and users will be able to enjoy them reborn in a blockchain environment.
In addition to the services of Cocone, we will partner with various projects across the industries, such as games, education, and music, to continue to expand the MOOI ecosystem. Moreover, as a member of the Klaytn Network’s governance council, POST VOYAGER will responsibly take the necessary measures to expand the ecosystem of the Klaytn Network. We will provide blockchain infrastructures such as blockchain network, wallet, and DeFi services to teams and projects struggling to combine blockchain with their contents and ideas, and we believe that it will help popularize and expand the entire ecosystem of the Klaytn Network.