MOOI Network Background

MOOI Network, a creation of POST VOYAGER, thrives as a blockchain-specialized company with significant contributions to the blockchain ecosystem as a Node Validator of a prominent Asian blockchain network. Operating the main node of this network, POST VOYAGER has amassed extensive experiences and cutting-edge technologies within the blockchain industry. Additionally, POST VOYAGER boasts its own NFT marketplace, Jellyme, further showcasing its expertise in the blockchain space.
The parent company, Cocone, has enjoyed remarkable success in Japan, spanning 15 years of providing multiple mobile avatar services. Drawing from this experience, Cocone possesses the valuable know-how in avatar services and a profound understanding of user preferences. Motivated by the desire to merge blockchain technology with the wealth of digital content owned by Cocone, POST VOYAGER envisioned creating a metaverse on the blockchain. The cherished contents of Cocone will come to life on MOOI Network, providing users with the joy of experiencing them in a blockchain environment.
Beyond Cocone's services, MOOI Network seeks partnerships with diverse projects spanning industries such as games, education, and music, to foster an ever-expanding MOOI ecosystem. Furthermore, as a responsible member of the Node Validator of a notable blockchain network, POST VOYAGER is committed to taking necessary measures to expand the ecosystem. By offering blockchain infrastructures, including the blockchain network, wallet, and DeFi services, to teams and projects aiming to integrate blockchain with their content and ideas, POST VOYAGER actively contributes to popularizing and expanding the entire ecosystem, emphasizing the EVM compatibility of MOOI Network.