MOOI Network is designed to provide a metaverse service that is easy and fun for all. We aimed at a platform that provides an easy and intuitive UI/UX for people even without knowledge of the blockchain to have fun, as well. To that end, we made close business partnerships with partners who developed blockchain infrastructure services such as cryptocurrency wallet and DEX.

Jellyme : MOOI NFT Marketplace

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NFT assets owned by users can be traded on Jellyme. The marketplace is connected to the MOOI Wallet, and is the primary NFT marketplace where NFTs in the ecosystem can be traded. This aesthetic marketplace was developed by our partner.

MOOI Wallet

The images are under development and may be subject to be changed.
We wanted to develop an environment where users who are unfamiliar with the metaverse can naturally use services without realizing they are using blockchain technology. However, in traditional crypto wallets, it is not easy to register new networks, add new tokens, or manage NFTs, we wanted to provide a wallet where our users can manage virtual assets easily and intuitively without these problems. MOOI Wallet was developed by taking these worries into consideration, and it was created through a partnership with a skilled third-party company.
MOOI Wallet allows managing and trading NFTs to be seamless, even in a mobile environment, as well as trading tokens freely. Users can see NFTs in their possession at a glance

MOOI Bridge

The images are under development and may be subject to change.
Users can bring tokens from external networks to MOOI Network through a Bridge. The Bridge will initially support a prominent blockchain network and gradually expand to include other networks, such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The detailed schedule for this expansion will be announced on community channels.

MOOI Swap : Decentralized exchange

The images are under development and may be subject to change.
MOOI Swap is a decentralized exchange that was developed to focus on the user experience to provide quick and easy swap services for various tokens from the services on the MOOI Network. Similar to the MOOI Wallet, we had it developed by a skilled third party under a partnership.
The AMM of MOOI Swap was created by forking Uniswap V2 and features its intrinsic function of token swapping. Users can swap tokens easily, quickly, and safely. In addition, a sustainable reward will be provided to liquidity providers who enable smooth transactions.