Blockchain Network

Post Voyager, which devised MOOI Network, has been operating a Klaytn Network node as a member of the governance council. During three years of operation, Post Voyager could build up know-how on operation, as well as insight into the blockchain. We could examine the safety of Klaytn Network and be assured that we could develop a network of the desired level on Klaytn Network. With a Klaytn-based network, we will be able to flexibly respond to unforeseen issues, if they occur, based on the experiences and know-how we have gained thus far.
MOOI Network is a sidechain of Klaytn. Also called a service chain, a sidechain works as an independent and assistive chain separated from the main chain of Klaytn. Technical advantages of Klaytn service chain are fast finality, cross-chain transfer, automatic data anchoring, and multi-sig contract support for security requirements. Along with those advantages, we can build a blockchain for the metaverse to provide quicker and more stable services with a high capacity using the service chain, compared to the mainnet. Moreover, we can reduce transaction fees, or gas fees which burden users. Hence, MOOI Network will maintain a pleasant network environment, increase user convenience and encourage active participation of various contributors in the ecosystem.