Blockchain Network

Post Voyager, the visionary behind MOOI Network, previously gained extensive know-how and valuable insights into blockchain operations during its three-year operation as a member of a Node Validator. This experience provided assurance in developing a network of the desired level on MOOI, an EVM compatible chain. Drawing from this knowledge, MOOI Network can flexibly address any unforeseen issues that may arise.
MOOI Network operates as a sidechain, also known as a service chain, functioning independently and collaboratively alongside its parent chain. By leveraging the technical advantages of the service chain, MOOI Network offers fast finality, supports cross-chain transfers, enables automatic data anchoring, and provides multi-sig contract support for enhanced security. These features empower MOOI Network to build a blockchain tailored for the metaverse, delivering quicker and more stable services with high capacity compared to the mainnet. Additionally, the service chain design helps reduce transaction fees, creating a user-friendly environment that fosters active participation from various contributors, ensuring a thriving ecosystem