Attacks aiming at vulnerable points of smart contracts continue to occur. We devoted ourselves to eliminating the hassle from the designing phase of the network. Accordingly, we will prioritize the protection of communities from AMM attacks that use many bot systems and flash loans, attacks aiming at weak points of smart contracts, and abuse in other forms.
In particular, we will take audits from two or more professional security audit agencies for our smart contract, and ensure the various Dapp services that will join MOOI Network to establish a stringent security system to protect our communities from such threats.
*External audits are underway, and audit reports will be updated accordingly.


$MOOI is interoperable in all P2E services, starting from Meta Livly and is designed to provide a convenient and safe payment method to users within the ecosystem of the metaverse. $MOOI does not represent any share, participation, right, ownership or interest in any companies, distributors, their subsidiaries or other companies, corporations or business establishments. In addition, $MOOI is not considered a fee, dividend, profit, gain or investment profit and does not constitute marketable security in Singapore and all relevant jurisdictions. $MOOI has no other implicit or explicit rights of any form other than the right to use within the MOOI Network.
  • Information Only Information provided in this $MOOI White Paper (hereinafter the “White Paper”) offers no guarantee of any form, and MOOI Network, its employees and advisors deny implicit or explicit guarantee of any form. Also, MOOI Network, its employees and advisors assume no responsibility for outcomes of any readers or third parties from any errors or omissions in the information herein and provide no guarantee on adequacy for any purposes.
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    We make it clear that the $MOOI token is not provided in China.
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  • Market Volatility Under certain circumstances where there is a change in politics, society, economy, or stock or virtual asset markets, or where the market value or demand for virtual assets or relevant blockchain systems decreases or becomes minor, the relevant blockchain systems or tokens may not be commercially implementable or operational.
  • Regulatory Risks This White Paper was not written under a certain country’s legal jurisdiction, regulations or laws, and was not reviewed or approved by a regulatory authority or governmental agency. In addition, there are many countries that have not introduced or implemented a law, regulation or institution on virtual assets, blockchain games and relevant apps around the world.
    If a regulatory authority or governmental agency introduces a law or regulation or amends the existing laws, regulations and/or rules to regulate virtual assets, blockchain games and relevant apps, it may seriously affect individuals or organizations in connection with this White Paper or token. Also, there may be a setback in the operation or implementation of a plan mentioned in this White Paper or operation as intended by relevant corporations mentioned herein.
  • Risk Assumption
    You accept and acknowledge each of the following: (1). The price of a blockchain asset is easy to change because changes in the price of other digital assets can have a real and negative impact on your $MOOI value and can be affected by significant price volatility. We cannot guarantee that $MOOI buyers will not lose money. (2). You are solely responsible for all taxes that apply to your $MOOI-related transactions in accordance with your national or local tax rules. The Company is not responsible for determining the taxes that apply to your transactions in apps, sites, or smart contracts. (3). Apps do not store, send, or receive $MOOIs. This is because $MOOI exists only by ownership records maintained in the app's support blockchain. All transfers of $MOOI occur only in the blockchain. (4). Risks and limitations associated with, but not limited to, the use of Internet-based calls, including, but not limited to, the risk of hardware, software and Internet connectivity, malicious software introduction, and third-party access. (5). Information is stored in your wallet. The Company is not responsible for any communication failures, interruptions, errors, distortions, or delays that may occur when using the blockchain. (6). The use or lack of public interest in the creation and development of distributed ecosystems has a negative impact on the development of the ecosystem in the Company, which can negatively affect the potential usefulness or value of $MOOIs. (7). The current status of regulations on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and tokens is uncertain.
  • Other Disclaimers The goals, business strategies and plans provided herein may not be accomplished or retained despite best endeavors.
    In addition, the roadmap provided herein is prepared based on the current technical infrastructure and know-how, but it is possible that a technical barrier occurs, hindering or invalidating the actual operation in the future.
    The token distribution plan may change depending on internal and external environmental changes that can affect the ecosystem of MOOI Network. In addition, if listed in CoinMarketCap 30-Day Transaction Volume or an exchange ranked within the top 30 for average liquidity, the plans for allocation, vesting and lock-up may change at request from the exchange.
    The condition of private sales may vary by round. However, if there is an unavoidable need for change, the reason will be informed on various channels, such as Medium, Twitter, and Discord.
    The gross circulation of token may change by future market situations and changes in the network operation plans.
    This White Paper provides information on $MOOI and may be amended according to applicable statutes, business situation and a shift in the prospect of industry or decision by the management body.
    The partakers of this White Paper assume no responsibility for outcomes from accommodating or relying on the information herein, or for liabilities, claims, requests, loss or damages (including negligence claims, not limited thereto) occurring in relation thereto.
    Regarding a reference to a third party, participant of the ecosystem and relevant party herein, if any, this White Paper does not provide any form of guarantee for the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of information stated in connection therewith.